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Soul passes through the “ghost path” and clashes with the “seven period” | “魂游”途经鬼道又撞上七期

There is a saying in Cantonese funeral customs of "Clashes the seven periods". If the soul of the deceased has to pass through the “ghost path” and it happens [...]

Ghost Festival in the Lunar seventh month – Worshiping the “good brothers” | 农历七月鬼节 – 拜祭超度”好兄弟”

During the ghost festival in the Lunar seventh month, believers will generally offer food and burn paper items/paper money to these "good brothers". This is so as not to [...]

Introducing the Funeral Traditional Ritual “Nail Sealing Ceremony” (Part 1) | 介绍传统丧礼仪式“封钉仪式” (上)

With the rapid development of modern society, traditional funeral customs have adapted to the changing times. The execution of these customs is no longer limited to the forms themselves [...]

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