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Cantonese Son-in-law banner – also known as ‘Ming Jing’ and ‘Ling zhao’ | 广东女婿旐 – 又名‘铭旌‘ 和 ’灵旐‘

What is a son-in-law banner? “Son-in-law” banner is a banner used in a ritual at the Cantonese funeral ceremony in which the son-in-law pays the last respect to the deceased [...]

The Origin of DingKouQian (known as KouHan in the olden days) | “掟口钱”的由来 (古时代称为口含)

What is DingKouQian? Why do you want to put DingKouQian? Is this a Taoism practice?This does not originate from Taoism. DingKouQian or KouHan is one of the ancient customs of [...]

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