In Cantonese funeral customs, pregnant woman, beside wearing Ma and filial piety arm wear, they also have to tie a red rope around their waist with a pair of red chopsticks, a piece of ginger and a red packet (any amount).  The reason for this is to ensure the safety of the mother and the fetus during the funeral.

After the funeral, the pregnant women may remove the items and do the following:

  1. Red chopsticks – put it away until the baby is born and when they turn 1 year old, use the red chopsticks to pick up some cooked rice and lightly touch it on the toddler’s mouth. (It means to hope that children will have enough food and clothing when they grow up)
  2. Ginger – Can be used for planting or can be used for soup. (Meaning to bless the family, to expand the family tree members)
  3. Red packet – Don’t spend it, keep it for your children as savings. (Meaning to have money to spend)

The above sharing is for reference only.



  1. 红筷子 – 收起来直到宝宝出生后满一岁 (也叫”对岁”),用红筷子夹点煮熟的米饭,点在孩子嘴上。( 意思是希望孩子长大后丰衣足食)
  2. 生姜 – 可用于种植,也可用于煲汤。(意思是开枝散叶)
  3. 红包钱 – 不要花掉。留着给孩子做储蓄用。(意思是有钱花)