In the Taoist funeral custom, if there are idols of deities in the home and mirrors in the room or living room, the Taoist priest will ask the family to cover them with red paper. Why?

It is an auspicious, also known as “red” event to set up a deity at home for worshipping. While funerals are considered as fierce matter, also known as “white” event. To avoid disrespect to the gods, the Taoist priest will ask the family members to cover the deity on the alter table with red paper.

There are two sayings on why need to cover the mirrors with red paper.

  1. It is to prevent the deceased from panic because he/she cannot see themselves in the mirror. (It is said that the soul has no appearance and shadow)
  2. The mirror is said to be a Taoist instrument. Consecrated mirrors (regardless of size) are said to “absorb souls” and lock them in the mirror.

In HDB flats, why should red paper be pasted at the entrance of the elevator or stairs when there is a funeral at home?

The purpose of pasting red paper at the entrance of the elevator or stairs is to let people know that someone has just passed away and a funeral is being held at the void deck.

The red paper will be removed after the funeral.



  1. 是避免死者从镜子里看不到镜子里的自己而惊慌。(据说灵魂是没有相貌和影子)
  2. 镜子,据说也是一种道教法器。经过开光的镜子(不论大小),据说能”吸收”魂魄,把灵魂锁在镜子里。

组屋里,家中办丧事, 为何也要在电梯口或楼梯口贴红纸?