During the ghost festival in the Lunar seventh month, believers will generally offer food and burn paper items/paper money to these “good brothers”. This is so as not to offend the “good brothers”.

There are also some believers who will engage Taoist priests to chant sutras to reincarnate these lonely ghosts to ward off disasters and obtain blessings for their families, and at the same time to worship their ancestors.

Just like those large-scale Zhongyuan Festivals, in addition to holding Chinese opera, puppet shows, and getai performances to entertain “good brothers”, they also engage Taoist priests to perform chanting/prayers ceremonies to help the soul find peace so that they can be reborn and reincarnated.

Winde Cantonese Ritual Service will launch this prayer services in the coming Lunar seventh month. Those who are interested can contact 刘德道长 (87771965).

农历七月鬼节 – 拜祭超度”好兄弟”

农历七月鬼节, 信徒一般都会在这鬼节期间供奉食物和焚烧纸札物品,纸钱给这些“好兄弟”。这是为了不冒犯“好兄弟”。
也有些信徒会聘请道长诵经超度这些孤魂野鬼来为家人消灾集福, 并一同祭拜祖先。

荣德法事服务将会在来临的农历七月推出此法事服务,有意者可联络刘道长 (87771965).