The seventh month in the lunar calendar is also known as the Hungry Ghost month. It was said that on the first day of the hungry ghost month, the ‘hell gate’ will open for the ghost (normally we call them ‘good brothers’) to travel to the human world. These ‘good brothers’ will roam around for food and offerings till the end of the month and return to the netherworld.

Believer believed that during the Hungry Ghost month, there are certain do’s and don’ts to follow closely in order not to ‘offend’ the ‘good brothers’. Eg. offering of food, burning of hell money and paper artefact. Life stage performance like Chinese opera, puppets show and getai will also be held during the Hungry Ghost month to entertain the “good brothers”

Some examples of activities to be avoided during the Hungry Ghost month:

  • Moving house

Some believed that moving house during this month might unintentionally invite the ghost to move into the new house with them.

  • Inviting of Deity and Ancestor

Similar to moving house, some believed that they might unintentionally invite the ghost instead of the Deity or their ancestor.

  • Swimming

Some believed that there might be ‘water ghost’ in the pool, waiting for a chance to drown those ‘unlucky’ swimmers in order to get a replacement for themselves. The drown person will replace the ‘water ghost’ duty to continue waiting for another ‘unlucky’ swimmers, while the ‘water ghost’ will get a chance to reincarnate.

  • Getting married

It was said that if you intend to get marry during the Hungry Ghost month, you must also not forget to invite the ‘good brothers’ to attend the wedding. If the ‘good brothers’ are not invited, they may create havoc to the new couple. This may lead to a lot of family problems and may cause the new couple to divorce within a short period of time after marriage. Therefore, most couple will avoid getting married during the Hungry Ghost month.

  • Do not step on the offerings

As the offerings are for the ghost to enjoy, if you accidentally step on it, you will anger them and they might take revenge by disturbing you.

Last but not least, try not to stay out late if you feel that you are down in your luck. This is to avoid unnecessary trouble that may happen to you.


Video- Hungry Ghost Month Ritual at Chinatown Complex





 – 搬家


 – 安奉神祇/祖先


 – 游泳




 – 不准踩到祭品