“KaiCin” (Cantonese pronunciation kai1 cin3) is a kind of paper money, which is said to be a common currency in the Netherworld. There is a saying that a piece of “KaiCin” represents three ancient coins, because “KaiCin” has three circles with a hole in the middle, and its shape is similar to that of ancient coins.

“KaiCin” is usually used at the ritual for “open the way for the deceased” (so-called “buying road money”). KaiCin has a low status among all kinds of paper money, just like the small change used in the world. In addition to being burned directly, some people will also throw the “KaiCin” into the air. It is usually sprinkled when the hearse was sent off to the cemetery on the funeral day, as “buying road money” for the ancestors. (However, nowadays, very few people will do that on the funeral day)

“KaiCin” is also a kind of paper money commonly used to worship ancestors. Because some people believe that “KaiCin” is an ancient common currency in the Netherworld, while gold and silver paper money and some modern paper money are later products, so they will burn more “KaiCin” to their ancestors.

There is also a saying that “KaiCin” can also be used for cursing to express dissatisfaction. For example, sprinkle the “KaiCin” on the living people, or burn them to the living people. However, we advise everyone not to perform such immoral behavior and it may shorten your own lifespan for doing so.

阴府钱币 – 溪钱 (开路钱)

溪钱 (粤语读音kai1 cin3) 是纸钱的一种,据说是阴府通用的钱币。有说法一张溪钱代表三个古钱,因为溪钱有三个圆形、中间有一孔,其形状相古钱。溪钱通常用於开路用(所谓的买路钱)。

溪钱在各类纸钱中的地位较低,有如人间所用的零钱。它除了直接被拿去烧以外,有些人也会把它撒到空中。一般用作在靈車前往墳場時撒下,作为先人的 ” 买路钱”。(不过现时今日已经很少人会在出殡日时撒买路钱了)