Flowers and coins are two necessities in the scattered flower rituals. The coins will be placed together with the flowers on the tray during the prayers.

After the chanting, the Taoist Priest will usually scatter the flowers and coins on the ground in front of the mourning hall or beside the coffin. The coins will be picked up by the family members.

These coins represent money left by the deceased to be given to the family members as a hope that the family members will prosperous and lead a better life.

In the old days, the Taoist Priest would teach family members to put coins in red packet, which can be taken with them or kept at home and not to spend the money. This is a tradition saying.

As times changes, some may ask, how long should they keep this scattered money?

In fact, this scattered money can be spent. In the past, it was necessary to wait for three years before the filial piety period ends before returning to daily life. Nowadays, the filial piety period usually ends after one hundred days. So, you can choose to spend the scattered money or continue to keep it as a memory of the deceased.