In the Cantonese Taoist Dazhai customary rituals, there are also shift-in rituals for the deceased to enter into their house in the netherworld.

Believers believe that the Yin and Yang worlds are synchronized. The relocation to a new house in the living world requires a shfit-in ceremony to allow home owners to have a blessed home to bring good luck and prosperity to the home and family. And the same apply to the deceased in the netherworld.

Usually, this kind of ritual is only seen in the Dazhai ritual during the three-seventh, seven-seventh, or hundred-day. There are also differences in the offerings and prayer chanting in both the Yin and Yang ‘shifting-in ceremony’.



通常,这种俗礼仪式,只有在举办三七,七七 或 百日的打斋大功德里才会看到。阴宅入伙的拜祭仪式和阳间的入伙拜祭仪式也是大不相同。所唸的经文,拜祭品也有区别。