There is a saying in Cantonese funeral customs of “Clashes the seven periods“. If the soul of the deceased has to pass through the “ghost path” and it happens to falls on seventh, seventeenth or twenty-seventh day of the lunar calendar within the “seven periods”, it may bring bad luck to the family members.

However, such coincidence is rare. But if it does happen, a pig’s head must be used as a sacrifice on the day of the funeral. At the prayer ceremony, the Taoist priest will guide the family to prepare a knife, cut the pig’s head into two and throw it away after the prayer ceremony. This is to help family members avoid unfortunate matters that may fall upon them.

Today, this Cantonese funeral custom has gradually been forgotten.


广东丧事习俗里有个”撞上七期”的说法. 凡是”魂游”途经鬼道的亡魂, 如果”七期”里, 撞上了农历初七,十七或二十七, 有可能会导致家人被撞得头崩额裂 (意思是遇上不如意的事).

若撞上七期,在出殡当天一定要用猪头拜祭. 道长会教家人准备一把刀, 把拜祭后的猪头破成两半丢掉来破除不利.


到现今, 此广东丧事习俗也逐渐被人遗忘了.