Under what circumstances do you need to perform Spiritualism?

There is this saying, except for death at home or at hospital due to illness, the following will need to perform Spiritualism:

  1. Unnatural death (accidental death, murder, suicide, etc.) and
  2. Those who die in a foreign land

This is because their soul will be trap at that place and cannot be led along with the body to somewhere else.

Items to prepare for spiritualism

  • One live chicken
    – To allow the summoned soul temporarily attach to the chicken body.
  • Cow horn
    – To blow it to summon the soul.
  • One wooden ruler
    – To transform into a bridge to let the soul cross over the sea or river.
  • Round mirror
    – It is said that the loved one can witness the return of the soul thru this mirror.
  • A pair of scissors
    – To cut off the “Tianluo Net” that restrict the movement of the soul.
  • An old shirt that belong to the deceased
    – To allow the soul to find its way back to the right place.
  •  A branch of green bamboo
    – To chase away the ghosts that were inadvertently summon.

Cow horn- Taoist priest used it to summon the soul.




  1. 非自然死亡( 意外死亡,谋杀,自杀等等 )和
  2. 那些客死在异乡的魂魄


通常这些魂魄,因为是非自然死亡,会存有怨气。就是因为这口怨气导致它的魂魄不能跟随着尸体的被移动, 一起被带到别处去。所以有需要请道长念经替它 “招魂” 消除它的怨气,让它能够接受经文的超度,投胎转世。



  • 活鸡一只 — 让被招回的魂魄暂时依附在鸡身
  • 牛角 — 吹它来招魂
  • 木尺一把 — 可化着桥梁让魂魄度江过海
  • 圆镜一面 — 据说可让亲人目睹魂魄的招魂回程
  • 剪刀一把 — 用来剪掉困绑魂魄的天罗地网
  • 亡者的衣服一件 — 让魂魄凭穿过衣服的气味来确认
  • 青竹一支 — 用来赶走无意间被招来的孤魂野鬼

牛角- 道长用它来招魂