In Cantonese funeral customs, when it reached 100 days, is the time to place the “soul” of the deceased on the ancestral tablet.

This means the deceased’s mourning period is over, he/she can receive the family’s incense along with the ancestors.

Someone once asked, do every deceased person can be placed on the ancestral tablet when its reached 100 days?

In traditional customs, not every deceased can be placed on the ancestral tablet. Anyone who is unmarried, leaves the family (including those divorced) or dies prematurely, cannot be placed on the ancestral tablet.

But over time, the people have different view on this. They think that since they are family members, why can’t they be placed on the ancestral tablet to be worshipped by the family members? If they do not, where do they go?

Worshiping ancestors is a Chinese tradition being passed down. It is a way of cherishing, being grateful, and expressing the feelings of believers. Today, the traditions of placing deceased on the ancestral tablet have also changed with the changes of the times.

Ancestral tablet