Traditional Chinese etiquette filial Piety dressing and filial Piety arm wear are generally the same except for some different rural custom requirements. There are also some basic requirements for traditional Cantonese filial piety dressing and arm wear.

However, as times go by, the traditional Cantonese filial piety dressing has gradually been replaced by simple white clothes and black pants. What has not been replaced is that etiquette of wearing filial Piety arm wear can still be retained and not be eliminated. If the deceased is a male, arm filial piety should be worn on the left sleeve of the family members, and if deceased is a female, it should be worn on the right sleeve of the family members.

The following is a reference for the traditional Cantonese filial Piety arm wear.

Worn by deceased’s son, daughter and daughter in-law.

Worn by deceased’s grandson who is usually the one taking the lead responsibility (担幡买水).

Worn by deceased’s formal god son/daughter.

Worn by deceased’s son in-law.

Worn by deceased’s internal family members (normally are those who bear the same surname) and non-formal god son/daughters.

Worn by deceased’s siblings.

Worn by deceased’s sworn siblings.

Worn by deceased’s external family members (normally are those who do not bear the same surname).





往生者的长子嫡孙佩戴 – 担幡买水。



往生者的内亲家属佩戴 – 内孙,侄男侄女,堂兄弟姐妹,普通口头的宜子宜女。



往生者外家亲属佩戴 – 外孙,外甥男女,阿姨,姨丈,表亲等等。