Winde Cantonese Taoist Ritual Services established based on the foundation to provide knowledge of Cantonese Taoist Rituals to the Cantonese community in Singapore.

We are a team of Cantonese Taoist Priest with more than 30 years of experience dedicated to share prayers knowledge and provide prayers services.
We believe by sharing the Cantonese prayer knowledge with the general public, they will have a better understanding of the Cantonese traditional prayer rituals.





∼ 我们客户的评价

“Thanks to Winde Cantonese Ritual Services who had provided a comprehensive “Sending off Deity Statue & Ancestral Tablet” prayer services for my family.

My aged mummy was comforted to see the preparations and proceeding through pictures.
She is very pleased.

Thank again to a great job you have done”

Ron Sow

“Our family would like to express our gratitude to 刘德师父 and team for conducting the final rituals for our late father. 刘师父 and team were very professional and patient, and took time to explain to us on the rites and things to look out for. The prices for the various rituals were reasonable too.

Thank you 刘师父 and team of 师父 for the service and advices. Our family is very grateful.”

Chia Family

“I engaged Mr. Low to conduct a prayer session to send off the deities in my home. His prayer and services were very elaborate and proper. I am glad to have engaged him to fo this prayer.

Thank you again Mr. Low. Highly receommended for all your prayers needs.”

Mr. Jay Lim

“I want to extend my deepest gratitude to Master Low who led the funeral service for my father. He took the time to listen to our wishes and incorporated them into the service in a way that was both respectful and meaningful. His expertise in the Taoist rituals and prayers was apparent, and his guidance helped us to navigate the complexities of grieving and mourning with grace and dignity.

I would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking support during times of loss and grief. Thank you again for everything you did for us.”

Mr. Eric Ng

“Thank you very much to Mr. Low Teck and his team. It was extraordinary for my mum, dad and ancestors. This is exactly the type of Taoist rites that my mum wanted us to give to her.”

Ms. Chen


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